Group, Private & Voucher Booking Terms & Conditions.

I'm generally pretty easy going when it comes to booking and can re-book and accommodate people 99% of the time, but sometimes things just don't work out as planned! 

Session Policy

A) I will require 24 hours notice prior to any designated session, if you are going to be unable to attend. Failure to do so may result in sessions still being charged.

B) Sessions are purchased in blocks of 6 or on a paid monthly basis in advance. 

C) If you are part of a Group sessions, cancellations will be rearranged as best I can.


Voucher Booking Policy

A) Vouchers are redeemable off full price Personal 1-2-1 Training only. 

B) Discount Vouchers are only available for redemption in January & February unless otherwise stated on the Voucher.

C) You cannot redeem a Voucher against any specialist Pelvic Floor Courses, Programs or Group sessions. 

Injury Rehabilitation Policy

I understand that there are times that you may not be able to participate in the session due to an injury. But this does not mean you should not train at all. As long as you give me 24 hours’ notice I can plan an alternative session for you to take into consideration your injury. It is important to keep the momentum going!

Refund Policy

I always try and chase people to book in to use all there session up, but sometimes life gets in the way and folk fall off the radar. 

A) If you want any of your UNUSED sessions refunded, you MUST ask in writing providing a valid reason. 

B) You must ask for a refund within 8 weeks of your last session.

C) If you booked any specialist Pelvic Floor Courses, Programs or Group sessions that required access to the Burrell Web Portal, the per person licence fee paid to them will be deducted from your refund of £19.95.

D) If you booked in for training at any of the 2 Glasgow Gyms I take limited sessions at, any rent paid for the use of the facilities will be deducted from any refund as this is paid in advance. It is £7 per session.