• Melissa Johnson

Cough Cough Pee

So, an interesting thing happened to me on Monday... I've had a persistent hacking cough for the last couple weeks. I have driven everyone in my house nuts and kindly kept them up all night with my coughing. On Monday I finally went to the Doctor...

After spluttering my way through my symptoms, the Doctors first question to me was "how is your pelvic floor" said with a bit of a snicker. Now, had i not been coughing up my lungs on her (yes HER) feet at the time, I probably would have said something. Why does this bother me: Obviously doing what I do, I deal with women every day where this is not only a physical issue, but also a mental one. Women scared to leave the house, always needing to know where a bathroom is, to afraid to move or play with their kids. It bothered me that the FEMALE doctor made such a joke out of it. Whilst it was no problem for me to shake it off (I'm still structurally sound although not sure how much longer if this cough keeps up!) this comment could have really harmed someone else and that IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It also bothered me that she made a joke out of something that is NOT normal. Its NOT normal to pee yourself when you cough, laugh or sneeze. As a Doctor i would like to think that she knew this. It's not normal and should NOT BE NORMALISED! If a little pee every now and then is your only symptom, this can usually be corrected in 5- 6 sessions!! Don't put up with it.

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